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  • Better Health Through Butter

    Better Health Through Butter

    When it comes to heart health, it doesn’t get any better than full-fat foods. Cream cheese, grass-fed meats, eggs, unheated organic nut oils, butter, and coconuts are media slander, but new research is challenging these so-called forbidden foods. For almost four decades, scientists and dietitians alike have blamed fat for the world’s long line o...

  • Medicinal Curcumin Fights Depression

    Medicinal Curcumin Fights Depression

    Spices are foods favorite flavor enhancers, but according to research conducted at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, they may also be an alternative for establishing a positive mood. Even though medications do exist, many cause harmful side effects, including nausea, insomnia, and memory loss. However, researchers have discovered a more natur...

  • Fruit Halts Diabetes and Cancer

    Fruit Halts Diabetes and Cancer

    As part of a healthy diet, fruit serves an important purpose. But which fruits should you be eating and how often? Well, according to new research released by Dr. Qi Sun, a professor at Harvard, your diet should represent a large variety, including blueberries, grapes, apples, and grapefruit – all of which significantly reduce the risk of developing ...

  • BPA & DEHP Exposure Cause Endocrine Imbalance

    BPA & DEHP Exposure Cause Endocrine Imbalance

    Most people consider what they put in their food, but what about how it’s packaged? As many toxic ingredients fall under the radar, many are unaware of the potential negative effects food and drink packaging can have on early development. According to Child Health Evaluation and research Unit at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, researchers me...

  • BPA: The Toxic Obesity Story

    BPA: The Toxic Obesity Story

    As obesity rates continue to rise across the world, an overlooked chemical cocktail has researchers doing a double-take. Oftentimes referred to as a lifestyle and diet issue, obesity is now being linked to environmental pollutants, defined as obesogens, but particularly BPA, a chemical found in most popular plastics, bottles, and containers. Common by-...