TV Appearances

TV Appearances

Have Food Bans Gone Too Far?

After months of talking about it, San Francisco has become the first big city to practically ban Happy Meals. There’s now a calorie, sodium and salt cap on meals that include a toy, and the meal must include fruits and veggies. First trans-fats….salt restrictions…. a possible soda ban….. now toys. Veteran journalist Laurie Dhue, attorney and contributor for in session on Tru TV Midwin Charles and Dr. John Salerno from the Salerno Center weigh in.

Obama’s Quest for Health Care

Dr. John Salerno, was featured on the Fox Business News February 24, 2010. Dr. John Salerno, family practitioner at Patients Medical in New York, says doctors are hoping for some clarity with reform.

Fox & Friends Appearance

Dr. John Salerno appearance December 24, 2009 on the show Fox & Friends with a panel of doctors discussing the sudden and unexpected death of actress Brittney Murphy.