Dr. John Salerno

Dr. John Salerno

Dr. John Salerno

Dr. Salerno builds on the legacy of Dr. Robert C. Atkins, who revolutionized dieting, and with whom he worked at The Atkins Center for Complementary Medicine. Dr. Salerno inherited many of Dr. Atkins’ patients upon Atkins’ death in 2003 and many of them remain with him to this day. Dr. Salerno is co-author along with James Beard award winning author, Linda West Eckhardt of a book entitled Dr. Salerno’s Silver Cloud Diet, The Sustainable Diet for the 21st Century, which postulates that a diet rich in saturated fats, ample whole, organic proteins and appropriate servings of organic fruits and vegetables will not only aid the patient achieve weight loss goals but will also improve health.

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“If you’re looking for a low-carbohydrate lifestyle, the Silver Cloud Diet is a good choice.”

“I have been low carbing for a year, 3 years of Paleo before that, I think this diet is the missing link that I needed! Thank you!”

“Great diet for men. Easy to follow. No problems if you like steak, fish, eggs, and great nutrient dense foods. I've lost 80 pounds and still going. ”

“The overall benefits of regulating body function, controlling hunger and stopping hunger without counting calories, but through portion control is an excellent learning tool for any healthy eating plan.”

“Dr. Salerno saved my life. My weight had ballooned up to nearly 350 pounds. I was hypoglycemic, had high blood pressure, and was on my way to diabetes. Using The Silver Cloud Diet, I have lost nearly 200 pounds, my blood pressure and sugars are both normal. I feel great. And I can stay on The Silver Cloud Diet for the rest of my life. Thanks, Doc. ”