One Silver Clouder Reaches the Marathon. Questions Carb Counting

Counting CarbsI have reached the marathon phase and am in the green light phase. It says to count carbs and keep to 20 a day. What am I counting, all foods, or the vegetables, and is this indefinitely? Because the beans and the breads will have more. So I’m a little confused.

Mary Ellen

Reply |Linda Eckhardt

Carbs are more commonly known as starches. To count carbs means to count all carbs in breads, (I’d say skip bread if I were you), vegetables, fruits, basically any plant materials.  And btw, I’m proud of you for getting to this place. Did you get a carb counter? Atkins has a good little paperback and there are tons of places on the internet with carb counters.  20 is a really low count, so try to stick to dark, green leafy vegetables at first. You’ll get more nutritional bang for you buck.

How much have you lost? I am so proud of you. Best el

For now I’m using the one I printed off the internet, but I’m waiting until I get to a bookstore so I can look some over first. I probably want a little pocket one too. Yeah, this is all very new to me, and I can definitely see why I was having trouble trying to figure out how to transition from low fat to full fat diet. Also, will 20 carbs be it forever, how does it work after you make it through the marathon, lose your goal weight, then go to the lifestyle, I can’t figure how that transition takes place. Like, the book ends at the marathon, and you don’t know what you’re doing after that. You don’t know how to maintain the lifestyle exactly. All through the marathon you use 20g of carbs I assume. But even with complex carbs?  That doesn’t seem possible. But what do I know about all this, just trying to figure it out.  It’s a bit confusing for me. If I didn’t ask alot of questions, I might give up, so I have to wonder if other people who aren’t brazen enough to get in touch with you are having this problem.

I’m so glad you wrote. Its a step wise program, that adds back carbs as you come closer to your goal weight. Stick with 20 carbs until you are within 20 pounds or so of your goal weight. Then double the carbs.  Knowing that, however, do know your weight loss will slow. This is ok, however because your body is adjusting to the new you.

So what permanent changes should you aim for? Don’t eat processed foods. Forget about junk foods, sugary soft drinks, all those so-called Western diet standbys that have made all of us fat.

When you eat out, cut your portion in half and save or discard the other half.

Once you’ve reached goal weight, it will be easier to maintain because you’re gonna be so proud of yourself. I am proud of you now.