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Low Carb Diet and Digestion: No Burps. No Weight Gain

Low Carb Diet and DigestionA short course in digestion may help explain why the low carb diet works to lose weight.  Your body prefers glucose, which is a fancy way of saying SUGAR, and burns it most efficiently, converting 100% of carbs to fuel in the body.  The body can only convert 58% of protein, and 10% of dietary fat to fuel.  So what does this mean to you?

In the absence of carbs,  your body will run on fuel converted from fat.  Get it?  You take the carbs away,  your body burns fat.

So,  you see,  a low carb diet is a high fat diet.  Think of yourself as a whale oil lamp.  No carbs,  your light will burn bright and your weight will go down.

And the main reason people have “indigestion”,  burps, farts, burning in the chest and stomach is the body’s struggle with carbs which create a huge amount of acid in the stomach.  Take these carbs away and you probably won’t need antiacids any more either.

Now,  we’re not saying you should eat nothing but fat and protein forever.  Too boring.  Most of us will break out of that constriction pretty quickly,  but just giving your body what we call The Fat Fast, a week or two of only fats and proteins will put your body into fat burning mode quickly,  then you can add back vegetables and some fruits, as well as nuts and seeds and your weight loss will continue apace.

The truth of it is that The Silver Cloud Diet actually recommends more vegetables than many vegetarians actually eat every day.  Once you get past the fat fast,  we recommend you eat 9 servings of non-starchy vegetables and fruits a day.  That’s about 4-1/2 cups.  How many days have you actually done that?

A low carb diet is the best way to bring the body to a state of optimal health.  Blood pressure problems disappear,  high blood sugar and fluctuating blood sugars vanish,  indigestion vanishes, moods become more stable, and your body’s hormones will work more efficiently.

When can you go off the Silver Cloud Diet?  Never if you know what’s good for you.  Bon Appetit.