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4 New Snacks That Will Knock Your Socks Off!



If you are like millions of people who have food allergies or are following a specific diet due to health reasons, you know how difficult it is to find snacks that you can eat when you are on the go. Well, we have tested a plethora of snacks and have found a few new goodies on the market that have made our bellies content, and our lives a little easier.

And the winners are:

1. Bricks Bars- These tasty bars are all made with either grass fed beef or pastured turkey.
Currently, 3 flavors tickle our fancy. A turkey, sweet potato, cranberry and pumpkin seed bar that tastes just like Thanksgiving. Very Tasty! Their grass fed beef, sunflower seed, and cranberry bar simply does not disappoint. And lastly their carrot, grass fed beef, hemp seed, and apple bar is just wonderful. All are gluten free, soy free, antibiotic free, milk free, and grain free. The carb content is below 14 grams and the protein content great, making this a perfect snack anytime of the day or night.

2. Epic bars, bits, bites and harvest mix. You may have seen these at your local Whole Foods, as they are gaining popularity fairly quickly. These are delicious protein bars, bits and bites made from 100% grass fed animals including bison, beef, chicken, turkey, lamb and bacon. They are all gluten, dairy, soy and grain free. Yeahhh! The herb and spice pairings flavor these bars ever so perfectly. Some of our favorites include, Chicken with currants and sesame BBQ, Beef Cranberry Sriracha and of course, Bacon Lust bits. As you can see, you can’t go wrong with any flavor. Try them all!

3. Treeline Cashew Cheeses – Ok, these are life changing! You will find these at your local health food store or at Whole Foods in the yogurt and cheese section.
Treeline has answered everyone’s prayers who cannot have dairy. These soft cream cheese style cheeses and hard aged cheeses are simply amazing! Even regular dairy cheese eaters were impressed with these. Pair them with just about anything and you will fall in love. Flavors include, Garlic and Herb, Scallion, Chipotle Serrano Pepper and Cracked Pepper aged hard cheese. These are made entirely from cashews and are all dairy free, soy free, non gmo and gluten free. Set them out at any dinner party and we guarantee no one will know the difference. Run, (don’t walk) and get yourself a few containers tonight.

4. Pork Clouds – Yes, you read that correctly. These are tasty morsels of fried pork skins, but more sophisticated that the traditional pork rind. These are great if you are on the go as they come in single serving bags and come in handy if you’re on a Ketogenic or low carb diet. Pork clouds come in 4 flavors: Rosemary & Sea Salt, Malabar Black pepper, Habanero and Cinnamon Ceylon. All flavors are made with GMO free Olive oil and are free of gluten and dairy. No carbs, No sugar. Dreams do come true! They come in the form of Pork Clouds!