Bacon: The Secret to Long Life?

Bacon Health BenefitsBelieve it or not, bacon is healthy – and science has the facts to prove it. Just ask Pearl Cantrell, 105, who happens to be from Richmond, Texas. Pearl not only has a life-long love for bacon, but she eats the porky product at every meal. Still dancing, singing, and laughing, Cantrell is filled with life.

We’ve heard of why bacon tastes so delicious, however, many have never heard of why it’s good for the body. Each serving of bacon contains monounsaturated fats, which are the same type of fat found in heart healthy olive oil. Bacons fat acts as a natural antimicrobial, possesses rich levels of vitamin D, and contains phosphatidylcholine – a powerful antioxidant important for brain function. According to a study from the University of Zurich found in the BMC Medicine in March, eating little or no red meat poses as a risk factor for early death.

Think bacon is just a bunch a fat – think again. Bacon, which is loaded with saturated fat, is a human dietary marvel. Not only does bacon lower your risk of developing heart disease by reducing lipoprotein (a), a known risk factor in the development cardiovascular disease, but it also helps you lose weight, protects the liver from toxins, and promotes healthy lung function. Your brain, which is mostly made up of saturated fat and cholesterol, is a fatty acid powerhouse. In fact, every nerve pathway, insulin spike, and energy fluctuation is saturated fat funded. Fat, being one of the greatest sources of concentrated energy, is the preferred fuel for the heart, and it contains substantial amounts of vitamins D, K, A, and E.

If you suffer from inflammation, bacon is your best friend. Because of its high monounsaturated fat content, bacon can improve tryglycerides, lower blood pressure, and keep you feeling satiated. Overcoming a carb addiction can be very difficult thing, so it helps to have healthy fats to take the sugar cravings away. And when you stabilize blood sugar, bacons fat can improve focus, anxiety, and mood.

As you now realize, science supports bacon, but it’s important to read the fine print. Whenever you purchase bacon at the store or local market, make sure it is organic, nitrate/nitrite-free, hormone-free, MSG, and additive free. With the question of fat no longer being an issue, bacon now has the ability to turn your average breakfast into an amazing one!