Bottoms Up Friday Comes on Thursday. Recipe: Jamaican Tea Toddy

Jamaican Hot Tea Toddy RecipeOK.  I had to go out and shovel the snow this morning, all right?  It was hard work.  When I came back in the house, I felt as if I’d spent an hour at the gym.  Well,  in fact, this kind of hard work  is like a session at the gym.

So,  what did I do?  I made myself a nice warm toddy.  You should try it.  You’ll warm up too.

Jamaican Hot Tea Toddy Recipe

I can’t imagine balmy Jamaica as the true origin of this warming winter cocktail,  but whatever.  It sure works well after you’ve been out shoveling snow,  your version of going to the gym.  Your heart rate is up.  Your cheeks are blooming.  You need a warm drink to recharge your batteries.

Here’s that drink.


1 mug of water heated to boiling in the microwave

Teabag of your favorite black tea

1 jigger dark rum

1  jigger brandy

Sugar substitute to taste (we use 1 packet stevia)

Thin slices of orange AND lemon

Once you’ve steeped the tea in the coffee mug,  remove the tea bag and give it a jolt of rum and brandy sweetened with a bit of stevia.  Finish with thin slices of orange and lemon.  Now that’s a tea that will warm you.