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Butter Fat Prevents Cancer

What do you think of when someone tells you to eat fat? Is it even a healthy strategy for a functioning body? Fats, particularly butyric acid, are recognized for their intricate role in cellular health, antioxidant protection, and metabolic properties. Butyric acid, a little-known short chain fatty or SCFA, not only helps boost your energy levels, but it may also prevent cancer.

When many individuals experience stress in their lives, they tend to reach for sugary substitutes. Instead of interfering with your insulin, hormones, and good bacteria levels, try reaching for grass fed, organic butter. Because butter contains the highest amount of butyric acid found in a natural food source (3-4%), it’s important to incorporate it into your everyday cooking regime. Much like other sources of short chain fatty acids, butyric acid actually lowers triglycerides and stabilizes healthy cholesterol levels. Butyric acid food sources, such as cheese, meat, and eggs, help to reverse inflammation, inhibit cell degradation, and stop the multiplication of cancer cells. Colonocytes, important cells that line the colon, actually feed on the short chain fatty acid for healthy fuel.

And just like the rest of your body needs protein, it also needs fat. When you eat foods containing butyric acid, you increase your resistance to colds and protect yourself from common gastrointestinal problems. Butyric acid also lowers gut permeability, which is a common association in most autoimmune conditions, heart complications, and fatty liver diseases.

It takes some time to incorporate this amazing super food, but whether you eat butter or cook with it, both are great ways to provide ample amounts of this amazing fatty acid.