The Silver Cloud Diet

Can You Eat Out And Stay on Your Diet? Silver Clouders Can

Dining Out TipsHow to eat out and stay on your diet.

Silver Cloud is one of the easiest plans I know to help you stay on your diet while you eat out. A plan based on top quality protein and natural fat is what chefs do best. So order away.

Start by ordering your way. No bread on the table if you’re tempted. Perhaps two hors doeurves instead of a large entrée.

If you order an entrée, cut it in half and get a go-box for the leftovers. You’ll be glad you did tomorrow at lunch time.

Lunch will offer smaller and less expensive options. Order fish, chicken, or meats. Still in the Detox phase,  just enjoy every bite of that protein and natural fat entrée. Later, when you progress to the marathon phase, add a salad and a cooked vegetable too. You’ll be satisfied and you’ll be remain on your Silver Cloud.

Skip the starch. Ask for vegetables instead of potatoes or rice. Salad with oil and vinegar.  Slather on the butter or olive oil. Makes everything taste better and keeps you satisfied.

Play favorites.

If you really want the burger, go ahead and get it, but without the fries. Eat it with a fork and leave the bun on the plate. Dying for dessert? How about the cheese platter, or a bowl of berries with cream, hold the sugar please.

Eating out is one of the great pleasures of the Silver Cloud. Go ahead, and make your reservations.