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Champion Boxer Credits Organic, Low-Carb Diet for Extending His Career

Low Carb DietingBernard Hopkins, the oldest boxer to capture a championship belt at age 46, wants to inspire aging athletes and spread the gospel of healthy living and eating.

Last month Hopkins defeated boxer Jean Pascal, 18 years his junior, to win the World Boxing Council light heavyweight belt by unanimous decision.  Before their bout, Pascal alleged that Hopkins longevity resulted from his use of performance-enhancing drugs.  Hopkins, however, who has never failed a drug test, says his low-carb, organic diet serves as his enhancement.

Hopkins, who smoked marijuana and consumed alcohol by age 11, also has a long family history of high blood pressure and liver disease.  He is proof that at any age, you can take control of your body and improve your health by committing to a drug and alcohol free lifestyle, and a healthy diet free of sugar and processed foods.

The champion claims that his food evolution started with removing sweets from his diet, followed by alcohol, pizza, and soda.  Now, Hopkins mostly cooks for himself using only organic, low-carb foods and nothing processed.  It is this commitment to healthy living that he credits his strength, stamina, and youthful energy.

Hopkins has become so compelled to help others experience the life-changing benefits of a healthy diet, he is considering writing a life-style book, recipe book, and even producing his own cooking show.  Fueled by an organic, high-protein diet, he also has no plans to retire his boxing gloves anytime soon.