Christmas Dinner’s Nearly Here. What Will You Eat?

Christmas DinnerSo, you’ve enjoyed the holiday parties, endured the overwhelming plethora of high carb foods, cakes, pies, candies, cookies, and all those things that have — if you’re like me — put a few pounds on you.

But here’s the truth.  Easy on, easy off.  You needn’t fret,  there’s Christmas dinner to go,  maybe a few other goodie-filled parties, and you will have made it to the New Year.

What say,  you just enjoy yourself,  do your best,  try to steer clear of the total diet busters, and you’ll be ready to get back on track by the New year.

Here are a few of my tricks.  Last week, I was invited to a holiday party that was a pot luck. I ate my high protein dinner before I even went there. I asked for a glass of seltzer with lemon and ice. The table that was growning with every thing you could ever imagine, didn’t even tempt me. So there.

And for Christmas dinner, I’ve solved that problem. I’m doing the cooking. Actually, I’ll be cooking with my friend and mentor, Eric Ripert, of Le Bernadin. Well Eric himself won’t be here, but his fabulous recipes will be. A Roast Pork Tenderloin with Wild Mushrooms, au jus, and Roasted Vegetables. Trust me, I’ll give you a copy of this recipe tomorrow, just in case you want to cook for Christmas eve.

But as for you, just enjoy yourself. Don’t beat yourself up if you fall prey to the high carb goodies. Tomorrow is another day. And,  like Miss Scarlett, you’ll never be hungry again. Merry Christmas.