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Chronic Fatigue and BHRT with Diet and Nutrition

Chronic Fatigue Treatment

Can bio-identical hormones help chronic fatigue patients?

By its very nature, chronic fatigue depletes the body’s natural hormones. It’s important to understand Chronic Fatigue as a self-cycling downward spiral that must be interrupted by a careful diagnosis then a regimen of bio-identical hormones, natural thyroid replacement, and a well-thought out all-natural diet of unprocessed foods as well as help optimizing sleep and rest.

In my practice I often find chronic fatigue patients deficient in hormones. Replacing them as naturally as possible is the best way to balance the body so the patient can quickly experience symptom relief. These hormones include estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA and pregnenolone.

What role do bio-identical hormone treatments play in fatigued patients?

Balancing the hormone deficiency with Bio-Identical Hormones when combined with diet and support will increase strength, stamina, mood and motivation. We run a comprehensive blood test to determine the exact combination of bio-identical hormones that will best balance each patient’s body.

Thyroid health is also an important factor. We do a special test to get a more in-depth view of how the patient’s thyroid is working. This test is called the Thyroid Releasing Hormone Stimulation Test (TRH). The TRH test is different from the more common TSH test and sometimes catches imbalances that the TSH test cannot. Making sure the thyroid is functioning properly is essential for total wellness and relief from fatigue. I prescribe a natural thyroid replacement which is much more effective than the synthetic treatment often suggested.

What role do diet and nutrition play in CFS?

A well-balanced diet of organic, unprocessed foods with sufficient protein and natural fats is most beneficial to the Chronic Fatigue patient. A poor diet is one of the most important factors that contribute to fatigue. This life changing plan is beneficial to the CFS patient as well as to people who wish to normalize their weight, increase their stamina and general health to look forward to a long and vigorous life.

I have had great success with CFS patients by combining The Silver Cloud Diet with a regimen of bio-identical hormones, thyroid, and recommendations for improved sleep and exercise.

In very basic terms, how can you change your diet to improve CFS symptoms?

I highly recommend a low carb diet of unprocessed and organic foods to improve CFS symptoms. The diet MUST consist of organic food as much as possible and very few or no refined carbohydrates or processed foods.

What specific foods (or food groups) should you focus on, and in what amounts?

Focus on wild caught fish, organic vegetables, grass-fed meats, organic eggs and full-fat cheeses which are all well tolerated by the CFS patient. Add dark colored fruits including berries which are also recommended.

What foods should you try to avoid? How can these worsen CFS symptoms?

I love this question. It’s so easy and yet so hard for most Americans to realize how important it is to eliminate all processed foods, sugars and bad carbs such as highly refined carbohydrates in store-bought breads, cookies, chips, crackers and other snack foods that are packaged or boxed. Eating whole, unprocessed organic foods helps the body’s natural functions to be optimized, excess weight is lost and overall health is restored. I am not only recommending a special diet for the CFS patient, but a plan to improve the health of every member of the family.

Is it a good idea to use caffeine to try to alleviate CFS symptoms? Why or why not?

Caffeine in moderation, generally, is acceptable as it can increase energy.

What role does caffeine play in regard to CFS?

Overuse of caffeine or any stimulant including sugar and all its derivatives can make it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. Getting plenty of rest is imperative in allowing the body to heal and to stay in balance. No coffee or caffeine-laced products (including chocolate) after the afternoon.

What about ADHD drugs? What are your thoughts on these in regard to CFS?

Stimulants and ADHD drugs must be avoided as they will cause long term issues and eventually serious side effects which can, if untreated, be fatal. Some good alternatives to these stimulants are all-natural supplements that can replace what is most deficient in the body. Supplements such as L-Carnatine, CoQ10, D-Ribose, B12, and L-Taurine work very nicely and have no side effects.

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