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Coming Soon: Bottoms Up: The Guide To Low Carb Cocktails

Low Carb Cocktail GuideO.K. You know you want it. The down and dirty truth about drinking and dieting. Can you have a drink? What can you drink? When can you drink? And Why not? It’s what every dieter eventually asks when they come to see Dr. Salerno. Can I have wine? How about a beer? Could I have a cocktail?

Ixnay on the wine and beer. They’re loaded with sugars. But interestingly, distilled spirits have NO carbs. Yes,  you read that correctly. No carbs. So whether your drink of choice is vodka, gin, Irish, Scotch, Tequila, Bourbon, or any of the distilled spirits, you can enjoy a cocktail PROVIDED you don’t choose a teeny bopper drink that’s full of sugar.

To that end, and as a public service, we will begin this Friday with a feature we call Bottom’s Up that will review cocktails you can enjoy, including a recipe, a source for sustainable and artisanal spirits. And, hey, we just want to have fun and we want you to have fun.

If you’ve been watching Madmen,  if you loved Sex and the City,  you know the cocktail is back, big time.  tune in here for the best recipes

Because, as we say,  The Silver Cloud Diet isn’t a lifestyle.  It’s a life.

And to cap it all off,  we’re starting a contest.  SEND US YOUR FAVORITE LOW CARB COCKTAIL RECIPE.  We’ll send you a free copy of our e-book,  The Silver Cloud Diet,  if we choose yours.  Let us hear from YOU.