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Thank you for your interest in The Silver Cloud Diet. Dr. John Salerno is co-founder and the chief medical officer for the site. He is responsible for all diet/medical information. As editor of the site, I’m Linda Eckhardt. I am a full time freelance writer/author specializing in food and nutrition topics.

Pitches, Requests, Queries

We receive many pitches, requests, ideas, and queries from readers, PR folks, food and diet bloggers, and others. If you have questions, please submit via the form below. We try to answer them quickly. I must let you know that I love this blog, and while I spend a lot of time here, I do unplug every so often. I like spending time out in the field researching blog posts. I also like cooking for family and friends. So, I may take a few days to return your e-mail.

Link Exchanges and Blogroll Requests

If you like the site, We’re pleased! Please feel free to link to it.

Guest Blogging

If you want to be a guest blogger on our weight loss blog, please know that I’m fussy. As I said, I love this site, and I care about the content. I like well written, researched pieces by bona fide experts that focus on low carb diets, sustainable food, and food safety. I’m always interested in learning about people who are making a difference in the world of food and nutrition. If, however, you want to plug a product that brings me to

Advertising Sales

As you can see, I accept some advertising. I do not have a standard rate. It depends on the ad, the placement, number of months paid in advance, etc. Please write to me with a firm offer and a sample of your ad. I look forward to hearing from you. Please use the form below.

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