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Contest: Bring Me Your Best Low Carb Thanksgiving Ideas and Recipes

Low-Carb Thanksgiving IdeasI’ve been thinking that all these warnings about Thanksgiving being so dangerous for low-carbers because of the feeding frenzy doesn’t really have to be a problem. Think about it for a minute. I mean what?  The main course is turkey. Most everybody makes a recipe for Brussels sprouts or green beans.

Can a Silver Clouder survive Thanksgiving without blowing their diet?  I believe they can.  As we speak I am developing recipes including a sumptuous turkey breast complete with gravy, mashed faux potatoes, and shredded brussels sprouts complete with a starter of a goat cheese log rolled in cranberry and walnuts and a silky smooth dessert of panna cotta.

But that’s what I know?  I want to hear from you?  what’s your secret recipe for Thanksgiving Dinner?  And yes,  it has to be low carb.  Best recipe wins a copy of The Silver Cloud Diet e-book.  Let me hear from you.  What are you cooking for Thanksgiving dinner?

Deadline is November 15.  Win a free silver cloud diet e-book.  I want your best recipes.

Happy holiday

Linda West Eckhardt