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Dr. Salerno Chooses Fat for Fat’s Sake

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arrow stockIf someone told you to make your fat a priority would you believe them? Now if I told you that same food philosophy could help you fight such chronic ailments as:

  • coronary heart disease,
  • diabetes mellitus,
  • and pro-inflammatory bio markers would you believe me?

That’s exactly what the Silver Cloud Diet, a sustainable diet for the 21st century proposes.

arrow stockIts inventor, Dr. Salerno of The Salerno Center for Complimentary Medicine in New York City, has developed a nutrition program that not only awards its users with a wide selection of healthy essential fats, but one that also provides long-term targeted anti-oxidant protection as well.

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The Silver Cloud Diet

arrow stockFats comes in all shapes and sizes and America’s anti-fat campaign is scared of all of them.

Fat, like carbohydrates, and protein is dependent upon the kinds of foods you eat on a daily basis.

Unlike most sources, fats are not only good for you but are a necessary component of a balanced diet.

arrow stockAccording to Dr.Salerno“Fats provide the fuel for human brain function, cell development, and satiety, if you neglected to consume fat your hair would lose its beautiful luster, your hormones would plummet to abnormal levels, and your well-being would ultimately be at risk.

baby bullet arrowDr. Eade’s, an expert in the field of fat explains:

You see with just a glance at that we’ve included fatty cuts of meat, chicken with the skin, bacon, eggs, butter, coconut oil, organic lard, and heavy cream in the plan. Aren’t we worried that these foods will increase your risk of heart disease and raise your cholesterol? In a word, nope. In fact, we encourage you to make these important fats a regular part of your healthy diet. Why? Because humans need them and here are just a few reasons why.

With so many fats such as saturated, trans, monounsaturated, and poly its hard to know which fat to trust.

Fortunately, Dr. Salerno’s research points to a commonly mislead notion that all saturated fats spell danger in the face of health.

Given the circumstances, we no longer as a country rely on whole foods as a means of valued nutrition. Why?

baby bullet arrowThe Silver Cloud Diet explains how organic unprocessed sources organic red meat, whole fat dairy, and healthy oils are the basis for a long lasting life.

The Silver Cloud Dietsalerno checkbox bullet 2Unlike what you’ve heard on television and in the media, saturated fats actually may help heal cardiovascular disease by reducing a biochemical assembly that contains both proteins and lipids called,lipoproteins.

Lipoprotein (a) levels are associated with a myriad of heart illnesses due to unwanted levels of plaque build up.

Low contaminated sources of fatty fish such as salmon, sardines, and smelts are excellent dietary fats to help boost heart health.

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The Silver Cloud Dietbaby bullet arrowAccording to Tim Ferriis of The Blog of Tim Ferriss Experiments in Lifestyle Design states:

We advocate the use of olive oil, but recommend against the use of canola oil, despite its widely perceived healthful reputation. In order to be fit for human consumption, rapeseed oil (which is canola oil) requires significant processing to remove its objectionable taste and smell. Processing damages the oil, creating trans fats. Also, the oil is sensitive to heat, so if used at all, it should never be used to fry foods.

arrow stockSaturated fats also provide a great deal of support for your brainconsidering its mostly made of fat, roughly two-thirds worth!

baby bullet arrowSmarter Nutrition=Better Nutrients=Sustainable Health!

A majority of fats your brain feeds on are of the saturated kind, and without them your brain cells would starve.

salerno checkbox bullet 2Milk, one of earths most treasured complete proteins, contains oleic acida dietary fat used to form Myelin, the protective insulator responsible for proper nervous system function.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to saturated fats transformative benefits!
Our ancestors gorged on natural sources of fat, using every part of the environment in order to survive harsh living conditions.

As you might expect, most of the industrialized food industry is set to disagree with such diet notions as it goes against the high power advocates of the low fat/high sugar fix that millions are of Americans are currently struggling with!

baby bullet arrowIf you are fortunate enough to live in the New York City area, and are frustrated with finding answers to a personal health condition, pick up the phone and schedule a time to talk to one of our Health Advisors today.

So even though you dont have all the answers to help you solve your recommended health goals, it does appear that Dr. Salerno’s Silver Cloud Diet holds a promise that most doctors in the field are unable to treat.

arrow stockNext, get yourself educated on the benefits of saturated fatsidentify the healthy fats that have been absent from your diet, and discover a happier healthier you.

Source: The Blog of Tim Ferriss Experiments in Lifestyle Design, June 6th, 2009.

Source: Michael R. Eades, Mary Dan Eades The 6-Week Cure for the Middle-Aged Middle: The Simple Plan to Flatten Your Belly Fast! September 8 , 2009.

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salerno checkbox bullet 2If you are having difficulties visiting the center, try the Dr. Salerno’s Anti-Aging Factor™ which is a complete vitamin, multi faceted formulation that blends together powerful nutrients designed to help guard you against aging, stress, and the effects of free radical damage from your daily routine.

baby bullet arrowNow available in the United States!  Originallyformulated for Dr. Hiroyuki Abe, President of The International Congress of Integrative Medicine and owner of the prestigious Kudan Clinic in Tokyo, Japan, Dr. Salerno’s Anti-Aging Detox formula is now available for purchase.

Backed by the latest nutritional research, and developed using the purest, most bioavailable ingredients, this powerful cutting-edge formula is the gold standard of anti-aging supplements.

Each batch of Anti-Aging Detox Formula is independently laboratory tested and manufactured in the United States to the highest standards.

arrow stockDr. Salerno’s Ant-Aging Factor also includes Benfotiamine. 

Aging causes irreversible damage to the body’s proteins. One underlying mechanism behind this damage is glycation.

baby bullet arrowGlycation involves the non-enzyme controlled cross-linking of proteins and sugars to form non-functioning structures in the body. The process of glycation can be superficially seen as unsightly wrinkled skin. Glycation is also an underlying cause of age-related neurologic, vascular, and eye problems.

baby bullet arrowBenfotiamine, a derivative of thiamine (vitamin B1), provides powerful protection against glycation reactions while guarding cells against the toxic effects of chronic glucose exposure. Even people with normal glucose levels encounter damaging sugar reactions over a lifetime. Benfotiamine protects against glucose-induced cell aging via several mechanisms.


baby bullet arrowIf you are concerned about potential risk factors, it is important to see a physician.