Dr. Salerno discovers more than a broken health care system at Fox

Broken Health Care SystemHere’s a little insider gossip for you.  When Dr. Salerno was called to Fox Business last week to comment on the Health Care Summit, he discovered more than a broken health care system.  The chair he was assigned to was broken.  You’ll see in the video he can’t seem to sit still.  It was the chair.  “I felt like I was riding a bucking bronc,” Doc said.

But take a look at the video clip posted here and on the site and you’ll see that  Doc believes we must have a reform in our health care delivery system.  As Doc says,  he doesn’t need insurance companies dictating to him or any other physician the proper treatment regimen for his patients.

Go get ’em Doc.  We agree with you and we’re sure glad that chair didn’t throw you.  ha.

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