Dr. Wm. C.Douglas II Talks About Zocor and Why You Shouldn’t Take It

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Feds issue warning on Zocor

Just what does it take to get a med pulled from the market these days anyway?Feds issue warning on Zocor

The FDA says a common statin drug that’s been used by millions to lower their cholesterol levels is actually even more dangerous than they thought.

So let that be a warning to you.

That’s right — that’s all you get… a warning. Well, that and instructions to keep right on taking this drug, Zocor, despite the fact that they’ve linked it to even more severe muscle damage than what we’ve already come to expect from statins.

Take this drug, and your muscles can even melt right into your own bloodstream (yes, that’s actually possible — it’s called rhabdomyolysis). Then, when your kidneys get hold of what’s left of your muscles, they can come grinding to a halt.

The feds admit that all this — and more — is possible if you’re unlucky enough to take the highest approved dose of 80 milligrams. And if you think that’s a lot, you’re (fortunately) not on Zocor — because that’s not even close to the highest dose being dished out daily.

I’m sure some docs START at 80 milligrams and work their way up from there.

But wait — there’s even more. If you happen to have a little Chinese blood rushing through your veins, the feds say you could face an even higher risk — especially if you combine Zocor with other common meds or even drugs with niacin.

I hope your ancient Chinese secret is the ability to skip eating, because niacin is pretty easy to find in food as well as meds. Meats, fish, mushrooms and cereal all contain niacin — and your morning coffee is absolutely packed with the stuff.

But forget “high” doses of Zocor, because you don’t want ANY dose of this or any other statin, end of story.

As I’ve told you before, high cholesterol isn’t a problem for most people — but take these meds, and you can kiss your health goodbye. In addition to the risk of side effects such as muscle pain and kidney damage, these drugs can bring your cholesterol down to dangerously low levels.

Remember, despite what the TV commercials would have you believe, your body actually needs cholesterol to function. It might be nice to keep your muscles from disintegrating, too.

So the question you should REALLY be asking is: Is my cholesterol high enough?