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The Many Impressive Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit
A fruit that was once neglected by mainstream fruit traders, dragon fruit has rapidly been gaining interest and growing in popularity in recent years. Just like its name, dragon fruit is a unique tropical fruit that is native to southern Mexico, South America and Central America. Also known as a strawberry pear, pitahaya, and pitaya, dragon fruit grows on the Hylocereus cactus, hence its cactus-like appearance. Dragon fruit is a fun looking fruit with its spiky scales. It is smaller than a cantaloupe and comes in three varieties, yellow skin with white flesh, red skin with white flesh, and red skin with red flesh. All varieties contain little black seeds, which add some contrast against the vibrant flesh, making this one gorgeous fruit to look at.

Despite its exotic appearance, dragon fruit has a taste similar to other conventional fruits, as many find it to taste like a cross between a pear and a kiwi. However, the taste does vary depending on the variety. Nevertheless, this exotic superfood is highly nutritious and offers a number of benefits, no matter how you eat it. If you are looking to replenish your body, check out the many impressive health benefits of dragon fruit.

Helps with Diabetes

Dragon fruit is high in fiber and researchers have found that the amount of fiber in this fruit can help improve insulin resistance. This fantastic fruit also helps suppress blood sugar spikes that can occur after eating high-glycemic foods, and it can also help stabilize blood sugar levels. Just remember, always consult with your doctor first before you use dragon fruit to help regulate your diabetes.

Boosts Immunity

Dragon fruit is chock full of vitamins and minerals which helps give the immune system a boost. Plus, the nutrients contained in dragon fruit possess antioxidant properties and is able to fight off free radicals. The high levels of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins B and C, iron, calcium, niacin, phosphorous and more all contribute to the improvement of your immune system.


Due to dragon fruits high levels of vitamin C, phosphorus, and other antioxidants, this fruit gives you everything you need to keep your skin healthy, tight, and firm. Antioxidants are essential for anti-aging, as they help fight off free radicals, which could help you prevent premature aging. Besides eating the fruit, your skin can reap its benefits by grounding the flesh into a paste and applying it as a skin mask.

Good for Your Bones

Studies revealed that consuming dragon fruit regularly can help reduce the effects of osteoporosis. It’s common for your bones to start losing density and strength as you age (especially for women), but since dragon fruit is rich in both phosphorus and calcium, these components can help your bones retain their strength.

Maintain a Healthy Gut

Since dragon fruit has a high water and fiber content, both are able to keep your digestive system running like a well-oiled machine and can help you maintain a healthy gut. Dragon fruit is beneficial for digestive ailments such as diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and constipation and can also help create beneficial changes in gut bacteria.