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How Much Sugar is in that Fruit

With lots of Sugary Fruitsfresh fruit being in high season now,  and your need for a cup or two of suitable fruit a day on the marathon phase of the Silver Cloud Diet, we thought you’d like to know which fruits are best.  After all, success with your food plan is all about informed decisions. Check the list and see what you like.

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How much sugar is in that fruit?

Good news: the fruits lowest in sugar are some of the highest in nutritional value, including antioxidants and other phytonutrients.

Fruits Lowest in Sugar

• Small Amounts of Lemon or Lime
• Rhubarb                 Raspberries
• Blackberries         • Cranberries

Fruits Low to Medium in Sugar

• Strawberries      • Casaba Melon
• Papaya              • Watermelon
• Peaches             • Nectarines
• Blueberries         • Cantaloupes
• Honeydew Melons   • Apples
• Apricots              • Grapefruit

Fruits Fairly High in Sugar

• Plums          • Oranges
• Kiwifruit      • Pears
• Pineapple

Fruits Very High in Sugar

• Tangerines       • Cherries
• Grapes             • Pomegranates
• Mangos            • Figs
• Bananas

Dried Fruit, high in sugar including

• Dates       • Raisins
• Dried Apricots