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The Truth About Systemic Inflammation

Inflammation and Food

Scientific research can be tricky, sometimes seeking the proper medical treatment is trying one treatment, then another, until it works. In modern psychiatry, this is often the strategy. Many patients feel the need to try different medications before settling on one. Often, this singular, or cocktail of medication, can still produce unwanted side effects.

In a recent New York Times article reviewing a book about medical treatments that are often seen as fringe philosophies, anti-inflammatory diets are mentioned. Anti-inflammatory diets can be seen as fringe because of the modern day philosophy of prescribing steroidal medications that depress the nervous system reaction that creates inflammation. While steroidal medications can reduce inflammation, it is not addressing the area of illness where the inflammation occurs. This can mask the actual symptoms because the inflammation, the indicator marker of some kind of illness, is now depressed. This can allow for the illness or disease to progress further, prompting a stronger immune system response in the future.

The article mentions Dr. Terry Wahls’ anti-inflammatory diet, similar to the Silver Cloud Diet, which focuses on reducing the body’s inflammatory response to foods and processed items. These triggers for the immune system can often make minor medical ailments worse, as systemic inflammation can also contribute to the inflammation of an injury. Common medical treatments for anti-inflammatory issues can be found in over the counter pills such as ibuprofen (Aleve) and also prescription medications. These are often taken in conjunction with painkillers as inflammation tends to increase the sensation of pain. After all, the immune system communicates illness to the conscious through the sensation of pain. You would never know your ankle was broken unless it hurt.

However, inflammation can also occur with other immune system issues. Low energy, general fatigue, pain, and brain fog area also associated with systemic inflammation because the entire body is having a response to body-wide illness. The Silver Cloud Diet seeks to remedy this systemic inflammation through the careful analysis of food intake. This is, because, often what we put into our body could be the most powerful indicator of a health response. The most common thing we put into our body is: food.

The Silver Cloud Diet is a response to the complex agricultural system that has developed as a result of being able to feed more people for less money. However, while the agricultural system can produce massive quantities of food, it also uses processes that the body’s immune system can identify as an allergen, toxin, or a dangerous microorganism. While this identification is considered a mistake, it still creates a costly change in the body that requires a different kind of medical treatment, one not well understood or utilized in traditional Western medicine.

This unique approach to medicine should be an option that is not just considered as a last-resort method. We look into what goes into your body as food and focus on beneficial fats in order to reduce inflammation and provide a better quality of life. At The Salerno Center, we focus on total health using the Silver Cloud Diet. Find out more on this revolutionary diet & lifestyle at