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Let’s Hear it For Lemon Water

Lemon Water BenefitsOur book has always recommended Lemon Water as a healthy hydration alternative to soda pop and a refreshing drink to enjoy through the day.

The Preventive Medical Center of Marin, in San Rafael, California has done medical research to explain why Lemon Water is so healthy and beneficial to dieters.  The lemon’s biologically active ingredient is d-limonene, and it enhances the liver’s ability to break down and flush out cellulite-triggering food additives and trapped fat by as much as 30%.

While we’ve always recommended Lemon Water as our drink of choice to sip through the day, the folks in California’s medical lab recommend starting your day with a cup of warm lemon water. “The combination of warm water and lemon’s natural fruit acids promotes peristalsis that speeds the elimination of toxins,” according to diet expert Tosca Reno.

Sounds like a plan for Silver Cloud dieters.  And that, added to several refreshing glasses of cold lemon water throughout the day, in between the five small meals we recommend will rev up your metabolic rate, reduce blood sugar surges, and keep those hunger pangs from sabotaging your diet.