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Staying Low-Carb for the Holidays

Low-Carb For the Holidays
New Year’s Resolutions can be costly, especially after spending two months doing the usual holiday routine. Sleep, time, and money are sacrificed every week as people plan parties, make platters full of starchy & sugar-laden food. The only thing gained during this time might be weight.

There is no need for costly New Year’s Resolutions, instead, enrich your pre-holiday season strategy by doing this: going low-carb for the holidays and beyond.

Here are some general tips:

1. Pick Organic and All-Natural: Without being too picky about your foods, organic and all-natural labels help determine which foods might be nutrient dense, and therefore, more filling. Choose organic and all-natural labeled foods to eat if available so you can stay fuller longer. Beware, though, about the labels, just because it is organic does not mean it is always healthy. That is why you should…
2. Always Check The Ingredients: Low-carb foods generally consist of vegetables, healthy fats, and proteins. Ingredients that include starches, flours, and sugars are generally higher in carbs. Identify ingredients that are lower in carbohydrates and choose those foods. It can be tricky though, for example, choosing a full-fat yogurt over a low fat, low-calorie yogurt is actually healthier for you because the fat will keep you fuller, longer and prevent further cravings for sugary foods. It also has more nutritional value.
3. Stick With Proteins, Healthy Fats, and Non-Starchy Veggies: Low-carb means staying away from that french fry platter and dessert tray. Not only are you getting a hi-carb meal, but the fats the french fries are fried in are particularly unhealthy, contributing to even more weight gain. Make sure you are picking good fats high in omega-3s from sources such as organic coconut, avocados, and grass-fed, pasture-raised meat sources and dairy.
4. Reach For The Proteins & Fats First: Ever try to eat dessert on a full stomach? It is harder to eat as much for this reason, so fill up on low-carb options that digest slower. There is less room for all of those sweets and carbs because your body loaded up on that healthier food.
5. Drink Water: Water and hydration are key to good health. Water as a replacement for alcoholic drinks, sodas, juices, or Aunt Verma’s homemade sugary eggnog will keep those liquid carbs away. Plus, it will also add to that feeling of fullness.

Some simple tips to avoid having to make all those New Year’s Resolution purchases. You will not need the 2018 version of the Ab-Blaster when focusing on eating right and eating low-carb.