Man Up: 5 Tips To Help You Guys Lose Weight and Keep it OFF

Keeping Weight OffMen who worry about that beer belly or the creeping scale can sometimes find it easy to lose weight and lose that gut just by following a few simple rules. We call it the “NO BIG DEAL” diet.

1. Start with a good breakfast. 2 eggs with bacon and/or sausage.

2. Drink water. 64 ounces every day.  Forget the soda and the beer. Choose water.

3. Eat more often. 5 to 6 small meals with plenty of protein and natural fat. Cheese. Ham. Sausage. Think animal products.

4. At the office, be a body builder every day. Get a move on. Take the stairs. Volunteer for weight training – move boxes and files. Push back from your desk and get up every hour.  Move at least 5 minutes. Up and down the stairs at a good clip is a great start.

5.  Reward yourself.  Take a day off.  Go ahead.  Eat pizza on Friday night. Have a cocktail.

Just look at it this way. You have testosterone on your side. You can do this.

You’d have to go some to get the body our friend, Travis Bagent has. But you can. Man Up, trim down, and try.

The Silver Cloud Diet works so well for men, we have clients who have lost 100 pounds of fat, and have gained body mass and muscle in the process. It works.