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Road Rage, Anger, Irritability, Anxiety, Depression

Mood Affected by Blood Sugar

It’s mostly about diet, and it has become increasingly clear that our poor America diet is affecting the way we handle stress. High carbohydrates and sugars in our meals are causing large swings in blood sugars. As blood glucose rises dramatically then fall precipitously, our mood will be dramatically affected.

Symptoms quickly develop such as anger, anxiety, depression and so called road rage, this is all a direct result of declining glucose levels in our brain. If we follow more closely a low carb lifestyle replacing bad carbohydrates and sugars with natural fat and protein, our blood sugars will become much more stable and thus so will our mood and anxiety!

At my office we can predict which patients are most prone to these fluctuations by doing a three hour glucose tolerance test with insulin. Additionally following the Fight Fat with Fat recommendations we can overcome these pitfalls and be happy, calm and more satisfied. Of course, additionally your weight will drop!