Move It to Lose It

Exercise Benefits

Alright, couch potatoes. You know who you are. The ones chained to a desk job for 8 to 10 hours a day,  the readers who would rather curl up with a good book, or nowadays, a good video game. Long distance driving, or flying or television watching all result in the same thing. Your body, which was built to move, is slowly deteriorating and will no doubt lead you to an early grave. And not a nice die-in-your-bed-death either. But some awful, grotesque thing you’d rather not read about.

In fact, a new study in Australia that tracked 8,800 men and women for six years (average age 53) found that for every hour of daily tv viewing. Risk of death from cardiovascular disease increased by 18%. Those who watched four hours or more, had an 80% higher risk than those whose life encouraged movement.

You can easily deduce that the television isn’t the problem, it’s the disuse of your body. Dr. Salerno has seen so many amazing health turn-arounds for patients who started on The Silver Cloud Diet, eating a diet of mainly high quality protein and natural fats with wholesome vegetables, fruits and whole grains added in a step wise fashion, who also began a regimen of daily exercise. The results are astonishing.

Patients who just sit suffer from weak muscles, poor fat burning, and a sluggish central nervous system.

Those who begin to eat right and exercise find their weight normalizes, their energy returns, and they get more out of every day and out of life.

This doesn’t mean some membership in a gym, or training for the New York marathon. It just means a brisk walk daily, or some weight training, like gardening, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or carrying groceries briskly, or walking the dog.

As I’ve said many times, my dogs are my own personal trainers. If I have sat at the desk past their regular time to go for a hard run, they nudge me with their wet insistent noses. We all get up and head for the great outdoors. Works for us.