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New Silver Cloud Dieter Feels Faint After Exercise. What Can She Do?

Dear Dr. Salerno,Feels Faint After Exercise
I am currently in week 2 of the “detox” phase of the diet. It’s going really well (okay, I won’t lie…it’s been hard, but I’ve been sticking to it). The problem I’m finding is some days at times I feel faint and have very low energy (usually late afternoon). I might grab a few nuts to tide me over to my next meal/snack or drink lemon water or tea to get me through. Since there’s only 4 days left, I’m going to keep going!

This could all be tied to my exercise routine. I usually work out Mon-TH for an hour (boot camp/cardio). Saturdays I run around 8 miles with no trouble (I am also training for a half marathon). On my last long run (after starting the diet), I had zero energy and could only make it for 6 miles and I had to walk some of that (this never happens to me!). I’m also finding my morning workouts are a lot harder due to fatigue. Would you recommend I add more food to my diet to compensate for my exercising? And if so, what would be appropriate? Would a banana be okay before a long run?
Any advice you can give would be much appreciated! So far I have lost about 8-9 pounds…which seems excessive for such a short amount of time. But it feels great! Also, would drinking a post workout protein shake be okay? I can check for sugar/carbs and see what brand would be best-if any.

By the way, although I am an “avid” exerciser…my weight was not going anywhere (eating/snacking too much). I started out at 5’8″ tall and 166 pounds (36″ waist)..just to give you an idea.

Thanks for your help,

Dr. Salerno answers:

Hi J,

Great job and keep up the good work.

You can add some berries before your work out and increase your 5 eatings per day to six since you are such an avid exerciser.
Bananas are too starchy.

Let me know how you do.

My very best,
Dr. Salerno

Linda Eckhardt answers:

Wow J,

I am impressed.  You’re doing so well.  I’d say splash those berries with some heavy cream.  That will give them (and you) the staying power you need.  Keep us posted.  We love to hear stories from Silver Clouders.  Here.  I’m pinning a big Silver Cloud on your chest.  GOO