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Please Explain The Silver Cloud Diet?

The Silver Cloud DietWhen you are up close and personal with a concept,  like we are here, at the Silver Cloud Diet,  its hard to keep in mind that newcomers don’t know what the heck you are talking about.  At least until your website gets reviewed and people tell you what’s good and what’s bad.

The Silver Cloud Diet was reviewed yesterday by a prestigious diet review site and here’s what we learned about ourselves, reading the piece. While the name might suggest an exotic spa in the American Southwest, it’s actually the brainchild of our co-founder, Dr. John Salerno, who makes constant appearances on national television including Fox news to weigh in on diet topics in the news.  Yeah,  that’s what we know.

The Silver Cloud Diet site was praised for the good information and recipes as well as dieting tips.  But,  they complained that without buying the book,  you couldn’t really understand what the details of the diet are.  Yes,  it’s clear it’s a “proactive approach to nutrition based on an organic, high protein, high natural fat, and low-carbohydrate, low-glycemic diet, fortified with nutritional supplements targeted to strengthen your immune system, reduce inflammation, and destroy free radicals that cause dangerous oxidation.”

But, what the heck is the diet?  How does it work day to day?  What happens when you cross the road and land on the Silver Cloud?

The Silver Cloud Diet in a Nutshell:

A three step program that begins with a Full Fat Fast that can last from a week to a month, depending upon how overweight you are.  This means, in practice, five small meals a day,  lots of water, nothing but protein and natural fat.  In other words,  2 eggs for breakfast,  2 oz. meat or fish for lunch and dinner, with snacks in between of nutrient dense foods including nuts, cheeses, and meats or fish. Puts your body in a state of ketosis that turns it into a fat-burning machine.  You can expect to lose 5 to 15 pounds within a couple weeks.

Then, the next phase called The Marathon, wherein you gradually add back low glycemic vegetables and fruits, beginning with the cruciferous vegetables (cauliflower, brussels sprouts, broccoli), salad greens, and other green leafy vegetables, as well as berries then eventually stone fruits) for a total of 9 servings a day.  btw,  few vegetarian diets give you so many vegetables and fruits.  A total of 4-/2 cups per day since a serving is roughly 1/2 cup.

Once you’ve reached goal weight, you can add back in whole grains in the form of oatmeal, multigrain breads and crackers, as well as  legumes and beans and a piece of birthday cake to celebrate your special day.  When will you go off the Silver Cloud Diet?  Never.  This is a lifestyle plan that’s good for life.  the anti-aging benefits of this diet are well documented.

The Silver Cloud Diet recommends wild-caught fish, grass fed meats, artisan raw milk full-fat cheeses, and organic produce.  We teach you to stay away from processed foods that come in boxes, jars, and cans.  And our big effort is to teach you that you can eat whole, nutritious foods quickly, and more easily than using processed foods.

Plus,  last but not least,  considering the health benefits,  you will also save money by staying away from junk food,  fast food places, and processed foods. The so-called “value-added” goes into the pockets of the food producers and onto your waistline.  the losses from eating processed foods, including most nutritional value, leads to lifestyle ailments that cost us, individually and collectively, fortunes we cannot afford.

The Silver Cloud Diet is available for sale on site in the original illustrated form,  also from Amazon for the Kindle, and from Barnes and Noble for the Nook.  We will begin taking orders for the paperback version, coming in January, 2011, on site and from Amazon and Barnes and Noble, the day after Christmas.  Choose the form that works for you.  Your life depends on it.