Get Glowing Skin with this Easy Pumpkin Face Mask Recipe

Pumpkin Face Mask Recipe

Fall is here, which means cooler temperatures, colorful leaves, and the return of pumpkin spice…everything. Pumpkins and the fall season go hand in hand, but this excellent fruit has more uses than you think. We all know pumpkin is delicious and nutritious, but did you know that pumpkin is also great for your skin? You don’t just have to eat it. You can make your very own face mask using pumpkin as your main ingredient. Following a simple pumpkin face mask, this recipe is a great way to reap the many benefits of using pumpkin on your skin. Pumpkin can help hydrate your skin, fend off acne, and even reduce wrinkles. You can thank pumpkins high content of vitamins A, C, and E for that. There’s no better way to boost your beauty routine and brighten your complexion!

As the temperatures drop, the need to care for your skin increases. Luckily pumpkin is packed full of vitamins, potassium, magnesium, copper, iron, and manganese to help keep your skin healthy and radiant. This fall, nourish your skin with this simple, easy to make pumpkin face mask recipe.

Pumpkin Face Mask Recipe


• ¼ cup of pumpkin puree
• 1 Tbsp. of honey
• 2 Tbsp. of walnuts (finely ground)
• 1 Tbsp. of ground coffee
• Few drops of apple cider vinegar


1. Place all of the ingredients into a small bowl and blend until combined.
2. Using your fingers, apply scrub to a clean face, neck, and chest in a circular motion.
3. Leave the face mask on for 10-20 minutes.
4. While rinsing off the face mask, make small circles with your fingertips to gently exfoliate your skin.
5. Use a damp, warm cloth to wipe off any remaining residue.
6. If you have any leftover, be sure to share with a friend, or place in a sealed container and refrigerate. Use any leftovers within a week.