Recipe: Bottom’s Up. It’s Friday. The 911. TGIF

Dr. Machler’s Mix makes a perfect end of the week relaxer. It’s refreshing, it’s restorative, and it only has about 6 carbs. As Dr. Machler says, “Don’t shake, don’t stir, just consume.”Low Carb Cocktails

After a long week treating people’s skin disorders,  from Wedding shots to Garden of Age Sprouts, New Jersey’s Dr.Brian Machler still finds time to cook, read, write, and develop recipes. Thanks Doc.

2 ounces Woodford Reserve bourbon

2 ounces Arancita orange flavored Pellegrino water

3 shakes bitters

Pour over rocks. Not shaken. Not stirred, just consumed.

Now that’s my kinda drink. Try it. Yum.