Recipe: Bottoms Up. Time for Thanksgiving Bitter Digestif Cocktail

Bitter Digestif Cocktail Recipe

The mysterious bitter oily flavor of real freshly brewed espresso, balanced out by the sweetness of good rum, and a tad of the Italian orange bitter digestif known as Ramazzoti is the beginnings of a perfect after dinner cocktail drink for post thanksgiving dinner. Sweeten to taste with stevia, top with whipped cream and you’ll be ready for your holiday nap.

4 oz freshly brewed hot espresso

1-1/2 oz dark rum

½ oz ramazzoti orange bitters

1 packet stevia (or to taste)

Whipped cream

Orange rind twist

Pour hot, brewed coffee into a tall glass coffee cup. Add rum, bitters, stevia. Top with whipped cream. Twist orange on top. It’s that simple.