Recipe: New Year’s Eve Cocktail

Going out for New Year’s Eve? Having a party? If you love Cosmos, you’ll crave the Silver Cloud Cocktail.  Make it for yourself. Make it for a crowd. Always a winner and only 3 carbs. Here’s a great distilled spirit drink that won’t wreck your diet. Happy New Year from The Silver Cloud Diet!

The Silver Cloud Cocktail Recipe

The Silver Cloud Cocktail Recipe: A NYE Cocktail

1.5 ounces ( jigger) best quality vodka

1.5 ounces (jigger) diet cranberry juice

1 tablespoon fresh lime juice

stevia to taste (we like 1/2 packet)

orange peel twist garnish

Fill a cocktail shaker 1/2 full of crushed ice.  Fill a martini glass with ice.  Add vodka, cranberry juice, lime and sweetener to the shaker.  Shake thoroughly.

Pour ice out of the martini glass, and strain the cocktail into it.  Finish with a twist of lemon peel.