Sex and The Silver Cloud

Sex and The Silver CloudSex and the Silver Cloud

The inverse connection between sex and overweight has been the stuff of bad jokes, but now the reasons become clearer.

When the body gets out of balance, and a person becomes overweight, and perhaps even obese, adrenalin levels rise in the body.  Concomitantly, testosterone levels fall.

This translates to a loss of sex drive, and not just in men.  Women need a balance of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone to feel like fully functioning females.

One of the happy side effects of the Silver Cloud Diet Full Fat Fast, which rests the body from the assault of the Western diet with all its sugars, starches, and chemicals, is that sexual desire goes UP.

It’s one of the first things my patients tell me.  “Doc.  I’m feeling sexy again,” they say.  To which I reply,  “Good.  Stay on your Silver Cloud.  It’s worth it.”