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Silver Cloud Dieter Reports On Her First Week on the Program

Silver Cloud Dieter Reports On Her First Week on the ProgramHi Linda,
I thought I would write and let you know how my first full week went on the ‘fat fast’. Although I did make sure I weighed myself yesterday because my dear boyfriend made reservations for a wonderful restaurant with a pre-arranged Valentine dinner, so I wasn’t too sure how I was going to deal with that or how it would effect my weekly loss.

After 6 days my total weight loss was 5.5 pounds and I am still feeling really good, full of energy and not hungry.

Valentines day ALL the kids were gone to friends houses SO….we took the opportunity to sleep in until around 10:00, something unheard of around here. Got up and had our morning tea and started a puzzle that I got the BF for valentines’ day of the place in Cuba we are going for vacation. We are avid puzzlers lol. We both decided to take a break from our exercise routine for the day (burned enough calories already wink wink lol, puzzling is hard work lol)

So I made eggs for breakfast @ 11:00 a.m. and was trying to figure out how to deal with supper. I decided if I had some nuts for a snack and then did the best I could with just eating the lowest carb veggies and the meat it may not be too bad. I did stick with that plan. I ate most of a spring mix salad that had a vinegar/oil dressing, no bun, no mashed potatoes, some roasted zucchini, and a little more then 2oz. of a really good steak (but I brought the rest home for lunch today). I did have one glass of red wine. We asked them just to pack our dessert without even bringing it to the table, but they brought it anyway, and I had to stare at this huge chocolate fudge dessert for ten minutes waiting for the waitress to come back and take it away to pack it up lol. They brought all the desserts out for all the tables at the same time and I think they forgot to come back to take ours away.

Later that night while watching the Olympics I did have some more nuts, I don’t like to be hungry when I go to bed and everyone was cracking nuts while watching the ‘moguls’. BUT…..I still lost an additional .2lbs, I would have been happy not to go up. SO a total of 5.7 pounds down for my first full week.