Silver Cloud Gravy Recipe (Low-Carb)

What would Thanksgiving be if there we’re no gravy? Gravy, formed from the juices found in meat or vegetables when cooked, is typically high in carbohydrates. More often than not, gravy gets a bad rap for being too fatty, high in sodium, starchy, overly processed, and low in nutritional value. Regardless of the nutritional media, gravy can be a healthy, easy-to-make, and versatile accompaniment to any meat or turkey based family feast. To keep your family’s stomach satisfied, we have created a superior gravy recipe that includes organic butter for cellular health, iodine for key hormone support in the brain, and full-fat organic milk for heart energy. Admit it, Thanksgiving never tasted this good.

First off, you need drippings to create an authenticate gravy. What are drippings? Technically, drippings are the leftover fat, juices, and residual flavors from the cooked meat. Secondly, make sure you have organic ingredients. If you use poor substitutes, you will get poor results. More importantly, use a thickener that is gluten-free, low in carbohydrates, and is properly mixable. And remember, the fat is flavor, satiety, and sustenance.

  1. Once the dish is prepared, remove the meat and the vegetables from the pan. Use a strainer to sift out the larger pieces.
  2. Next, blend full-fat, organic, cream cheese and butter with the cooked juices.
  3. Stir in the rest of the drippings.
  4. As a thickener, try sprinkling a little guar, xantham or arrowroot to help add substance to the recipe.Keep in mind, a ¼ teaspoon of thickener will yield 1 cup of gravy. This flavorless, low-calorie,low-carbohydrate thickeners even add healthy amounts of fiber. Because a little bit goes a long way, try incorporating it slowly into the gravy.
  5. For a more even taste, try using a blender to complete the finished texture. Not only will your gravy be uniform, but it will also provide a creamier finished product.
  6. As an experiment, take a small amount of almond butter (1 ounce) and mix together to add a rich flavor.

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From all of us at the Silver Cloud Diet, have a wonderful, healthy, and happy Thanksgiving holiday!