Skinny Girl Cocktails Make It Big. Recipe: Old Fashioned Thanksgiving

Skinny Girl Cocktail RecipeWell, we knew this was coming didn’t we?  People on a diet want a cocktail, but they don’t want to bust their diet.  Here’s the latest news on TOP TRENDS FOR 2011.

As Americans decide they’re once again ready to celebrate, we’ll be seeing lots of action in “Mad Men”-style retro cocktails, high-cachet gin and bourbon, craft beers and punch (including sangria). Look for cocktails with herbal and floral ingredients; “skinny” cocktails; even more adult beverages in fast-casual eateries to set them apart from traditional limited-service competitors.

It’s not like we haven’t been doing our part around here.  Every Friday,  our Bottom’s Up Cocktail features a “big girl” cocktail, with few or NO carbs and they all taste great.  To celebrate Thanksgiving, here’s our festive drink of the week, a few days early so you can serve it at your Thanksgiving celebration.

Old Fashioned for Skinny Girls

2 dashes aromatic bitters
½ packet stevia dissolved with 1 tablespoon water and bitters
1½ oz of bourbon
1 cherry
1 orange slice
1 lemon wedge


Fill glass with ice. Add bitters, stevia and water,  cherry, orange slice, and lemon wedge. Pour in bourbon. Now that’s a cocktail.