The Silver Cloud Diet

So Two Friends Walk into a Bar

No, this isn’t a joke. You are trying to stay on your Silver Cloud, and you get invited to go to a bar with friends after work. What can you order besides plain old water? Which isn’t such a bad choice, I might add.

But say you want to make a more festive choice. Beer? I don’t think so. Loaded with carbs. Wine. ixnay. more carbs. Cosmo? Get out. Neither the Cosmo nor any of the zillion other fake martinis loaded with sugar.

So what does that leave? A real gin or vodka martini is fine. So is a single shot of bourbon or scotch whiskey over ice. Why is that? Choose triple distilled top-shelf distilled liquor and it has NO carbs. Whoa. Now that makes the diet a little easier doesn’t it.

And following this string, you could have (god help you) diet coke and rum. Or diet tonic and gin.

But the main secret to remember is that many bar drinks are so loaded with sugar you may as well just shoot it straight into your veins. Stay on your Silver Cloud.