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The Nutritional Value To Egg-spect From Your Eggs

Egg Terminology

When it comes to choosing eggs, there seems to be an endless array of labels – from free-range, organic, pastured to local. While all of these buzzwords sound like the healthy choice, what do they really mean?

Before you go putting all of your eggs in one basket, hear out all of your options and know what to egg-spect by learning more about egg terminology.


Let’s just say, these chickies don’t get a lot of egg-sercise. They tend to come from overfilled hen houses or cages and do not spend time outdoors. These chickens are fed a grain-based diet and are often treated with antibiotics and hormones. Typically their yolks range from a lemon yellow to a true yellow in color. Studies have shown that conventional eggs lack much of the nutrients you find in pastured or locally raised eggs. Their shells are usually white or brown and very easy to peel.

Organic, Free-range, and Cage Free

Organic eggs come from chickens that were not treated with antibiotics or hormones and were given organic feed. They may however, have had limited access to the outdoors. The term “free-range” simply means that the chickens have access to the outdoors, should they choose to go outside. “Cage-free” means that rather than dwelling in cages, the chickens are free to roam around indoors. These egg yolks range from a standard yellow to a light orange and egg shells are brown, beige, or tan.

Pastured and Local

This egg-sotic breed of scramble is raised in their natural, outdoor environment. They have complete access to the outdoors and can roam free and explore as they please! Studies show evidence of these types of eggs being higher in Vitamins E, and A, as well as Omega-3s in comparison to all other types of eggs on the market. They have egg yolks that are a deep to bright orange in color and egg shells are tough to crack, and can be a variety of colors such as light blue, tan, cream, and white.

Now that you are officially an egg-spert, we wish you the best of luck in your quest for the perfect egg.