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The Silver Cloud Diet Manifesto

The Silver Cloud Diet ManifestoWhat is the Silver Cloud Diet and why should I care? Does the world really need another diet?  What could we possibly tell you that you haven’t heard a million times before? What do you mean Silver Cloud?

Stay with me here. Time for a brief history lesson.  Before World War II, the food supply for the United States mostly came from family farms, produced, processed and sold through mostly local venues. Then in the boom time, after the war, when the country was flush with new found profits, the rise of industrial farming began. Corporate ownership pushed out many family farmers. The economies of scale that could be achieved from larger and larger operations made sense at the bottom line.

Our food supply got cheaper and cheaper. The land seemed to get more and more productive. But a dark underside began to show. With wholesale usage of chemical pesticides and now the use of genetically modified seed,  the farmland itself became degraded.

Much as an addicted person requires more and more of his potion of choice to get the good result,  farmland required more and more industrial intervention to keep producing that same cheap food.
And paralleling the rise of industrial farming came the explosion in pharmaceuticals to cure the ills that rose, hand in glove, with that same degraded food supply.

And so, for the last thirty years, while the unholy alliance between industrial farming and big pharma has tightened its grip on America, the health statistics of this country have steadily declined until we find ourselves now somewhere in the thirtieth percentile among industrial nations for infant mortality* on par with Cuba, and in a position where the generation coming up has a good chance for a shorter life span than their parents.

The Silver Cloud Diet will help you wade through the thicket of misinformation, disinformation, and the barrage of overly processed, unhealthy foods. It’s really much simpler than you think.  All we’re saying here is give food a chance. Try to eat the way your grandparents did. For it is our firm belief that any traditional diet that does not rely on the so-called “improvements” of the Western diet is healthier than what you’re likely to be presented with in the latest fad diets, in quick fix magazine diets, or in the ravings of extremists who suggest that you should try some radical punitive diet.

The truth is we are now at a crossroads where in we have a large supply of not very flavorful, not very nutritious food, and a rising population of people who suffer from chronic illnesses that can be traced to that degraded food supply.  Heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes type 2,  all can be linked to a diet suffused with empty calories and short on the nutrients the human body needs to thrive.

The really good news is that the tide is turning.  Michael Pollan,  Gary Taubes and other thinking journalists have sounded the alarm. “What if it’s all been a big fat lie?” asks Mr. Taubes.  “What’s a carnivore to do?” asks Mr. Pollan.

The Silver Cloud Diet has the answers to those questions.  You can eat as well as your grandparents and extend your long and healthy life span avoiding the chronic diseases that plague the modern world everywhere the so-called Western Diet has reached its tentacles.
Every day, our site will give you help and assistance in living your life.

What can you do? Take a giant step backwards to the wisdom of our elders,  to the time when traditional diets of wholesome foods, unsullied by chemical or genetically tampered interventions yielded diets that promoted health and vigor.

Dr. John Salerno, our medical mastermind, grew up in a traditional Italian family with all the wisdom of that culture intact.  Olive oil, garlic, tomatoes, the backbone of the traditional Italian  cuisine were his start into life. Dr. Salerno, is now a physician with an international reputation, with clinics in Japan, Brazil, Dubai, and Gstaad. His protocols have helped the lives of patients from all over the world,  many of whom come to his New York offices, others who are helped in their home countries using the protocols Dr. Salerno has developed for optimum health.

Linda West Eckhardt, our foods and nutrition expert, grew up in a family of cattle ranchers who produced the so-called grass fed beef long before it became known as a boutique food item.  Ms. Eckhardt has written 21 cookbooks, hundreds of magazine pieces and has won both the James Beard and Julia Child awards for books.  She is a graduate of U Texas, foods and nutrition, with a master’s degree in creative writing from San Francisco State. She has made it her life’s work to teach people to cook.

Dr. Salerno and Linda Eckhardt share one great passion. They love to eat. They care about flavors.  They want to share great food at the table with family and friends. And they are picky. They know what real food is and they demand it.

Salerno and Eckhardt have teamed up to create this new-old plan called The Silver Cloud Diet,  which proposes that your body has an ancient wisdom  you should listen to, and provide for yourself a diet flush with wholesome, unprocessed foods, the sort of diet your ancestors thrived upon.

Salerno and Eckhardt recognize that their ideas seem radical to the mainstream.  After all, we’ve been told for at least thirty years that a low fat diet, mainly created from so-called value-added processed foods was the way to good health.  In this category are included such items as low or non fat milk,  egg substitute, a zillion food products with ingredient lists that had so many chemical additives a person would lose count.

And right along with this degradation of the food supply has come the rise of the mega-business known as big pharma which recommends that along with that diet, you should take medications for high cholesterol, high blood pressure,  heart protection,  etc. etc.

This unholy marriage between big pharma and industrial farming has created a society whose health statistics are plummeting with every year.  We are not nearly as healthy a society as we were 50 years ago.  Heart disease, cancer, diabetes type 2, stroke.  All these chronic ailments are rising exponentially.

Salerno and Eckhardt say loudly and clearly.  You are what you eat.  And you’ve got to start feeding your body what it needs for optimum health and well being.  Get your diet straightened out, get up the couch and get a move on, stay positive, and your weight will normalize,  your chances for developing one of the big three:  diabetes type 2, heart disease/stroke, or cancer will reduce dramatically.

Want to live a long and vigorous life?  Try the Silver Cloud regimen. We know you’ll feel better,  your health will improve, your weight will normalize, and you won’t feel deprived and hungry any more. And your children, raised on a diet of healthy, unprocessed foods will have a greater chance at a long, healthy vigorous life.

Why? The Silver Cloud Diet is made up of real foods, the foods your body needs, mostly unprocessed, with traceable roots. We’ll help you navigate the choppy waters of today’s food supply ocean. We’ll show you how to make the right choices for yourself. Our wish for you is optimum health. Let Silver Cloud show you the way. Join our online community.  Put your two cents worth in. Got a question? Ask it. Got an answer? Bring it. Silver Cloud is for all of us.  Welcome.