The Unusual Signs of Dehydration

Unusual Signs of Dehydration

Did you know you could be dehydrated and not realize it? Many people fall short of the recommended 10 cups of water per day, making the risk of dehydration more likely. However, when a person thinks of the signs of dehydration, they often look for the most obvious signs. Dizziness, thirst, yellow pee, and fatigue are sure signs of dehydration, but there are less visible signs as well, signs that can occur when if you don’t feel thirsty. There are unusual signs of dehydration that everyone should be aware of, especially since severe dehydration can have dire consequences.

You could be dehydrated and not realize it. One of the ways of figuring out if you’re getting enough fluids in your body is to watch out for some of the unusual signs of dehydration.

You’re Hungry– The body can mistake thirst for hunger, and that’s because of elevated ghrelin levels. Ghrelin is a hormone that stimulates appetite, and ghrelin levels can spike due to a lack of hydration. So if you had something to eat within three hours, and are feeling abnormally hungry, reach for a glass of water instead and see if that helps.
Having Trouble with Weight Loss– Your weight loss journey can quickly plateau if you don’t drink enough water. You eat more when you are dehydrated, but you need water to help burn calories and break down fat, so if you are trying to lose weight it is imperative that you stay hydrated.
Your Breath Smells– While having bad breath can occur if you don’t practice dental hygiene, it can also happen if you are dehydrated. When a person is dehydrated, salivary production may decrease, and the mouth can become parched. A dry mouth can lead to an overgrowth of bacteria, which can create an unpleasant odor.
Feeling “Out of It”– While feeling confused or out of it can stem from a variety of things if you haven’t been hydrating, there’s a good chance that it stems from that. Being dehydrated can have a negative impact on the brain, leading to feelings of irritability and difficulty focusing.
Lack of Urination– If you haven’t been urinating as much as usual, there’s a good chance you are dehydrated, and you are not drinking enough. A simple concept that is commonly overlooked, if not a lot is coming out, that means you are not drinking enough fluids.
Loss of Skin Elasticity– When you are well hydrated, your skin has an elasticity that makes it snap back into place. However, if you are dehydrated and you pinch your skin, your skin may not bounce back. If your skin does not quickly snap back into place, there’s a good chance you are dehydrated.