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There Is A Way To Halt Sugar-Induced Cell Aging

Sugar-Induced Cell AgingDiabetics have long been known to age faster than healthy individuals.  The mechanism behind the accelerated destruction of cells, tissues, and organs observed in diabetics is called glycation, the dangerous binding of sugars to proteins. The resulting sugar-protein complex is known as an advanced glycation end product or AGE.

In the laboratory, glycation’s effect on living tissues was found to be identical to the process by which meat is browned when cooked at high temperatures.  Healthy proteins also turn brown in the presence of excess gulcose and become functionally impaired.

Scientists have confirmed that this destructive process may also occur in healthy individuals when blood glucose levels are sustained above 85mg/dL, a commonplace occurrence after a heavy meal is consumed.

The damage inflicted by glycation is irreversible.

Fortunately, a relative of vitamin B1 called benfotiamine protects cells to prevent glycation and the accelerated aging triggered by elevated sugar levels.  Used as a prescription drug in Europe, benfotiamine is available in this country as a nutritional supplement.

Compelling new data confirms benfotiamine’s power to lower risk of heart disease, stroke, kidney damage, and vision loss by neutralizing the impact of excess glucose and subsequent glycation.

Benfotiamine Blocks Glucose Damage

Your body has several natural mechanisms to cope with the chemical toxins produced by excess glucose. These defense systems all require vitamin B1 (thiamine) as a cofactor.  When your system is awash with excess glucose, however, your thiamine supplies become depleted.  In fact, elevated blood sugar and diabetes have been referred to as states of “relative thiamine deficiency.”

Taking additional thiamine as a supplement doesn’t significantly protect against the glucose-induced tissue damage because thiamine is water-soluble and your body can’t retain thiamine at levels high enough to prevent cumulative damage.  A thiamine derivative called benfotiamine, however, is fat-soluble and can significantly increase thiamine levels within tissues and sustain them throughout the day.

Raising cellular thiamine levels with benfotiamine has been found to block the effects of glucose damage to your body’s tissues.  Benfotiamine activates a vital enzyme (transketolase) which converts toxic metabolites induced by high glucose levels into harmless byproducts. Benfotiamine also inhibits activation of nuclear factor-kappaB (NF-kB), an underlying cause of deadly inflammatory reactions in the body.

Through its multi-targeted mechanisms, benfotiamine helps mitigate the multiple negative effects of excess glucose on body tissues.


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