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This Mineral Will Help You Detox, Fight Stress, Fatigue, and Much More

MSM BenefitsMethylsulfonylmethane, commonly known by its acronym, MSM, is not a drug. It’s an organic form of sulfur and a potent antioxidant, naturally found in many plants. While MSM is an important source of organic sulfur, it also has other unique properties.

Common health complaints associated with low concentrations of MSM in your body include:

  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • High sensitivity to physical and psychological stress
  • Chronic Pain

MSM’s ability to neutralize inflammation is one of the greatest, and one of the most inexpensive, discoveries in the health field, and is thought to be particularly beneficial in the prevention of heart disease. It has been shown to break down the plaque in your arteries, which is associated with chronic inflammation.

Other health benefits associated with MSM include:

  • Reducing Chronic Pain
  • Detoxification
  • Cancer Prevention
  • Reducing or Eliminating Muscle Soreness and Cramps
  • Increases strength and endurance
  • Alleviates Symptoms of Allergies
  • Improves Lung Function by allowing your body to take up oxygen more effectively
  • Improves Cellular Uptake of Many Nutrients including vitamins A, B, C, D, E, amino acids, selenium, calcium, magnesium, coenzyme Q10
  • Prevent neurological disease by repairing oxidative damage and restoring cell membrane elasticity and permeability
  • Preventing diabetes by promoting healthy insulin function

As with most supplements, quality is a concern when it comes to MSM as well.  Many commercial brands often emphasize lower cost by using sub-optimal doses and less-than-premium quality ingredients, which not only exert an insufficient therapeutic effect, but can also be rancid or contaminated by heavy metals and pesticides. Unlike most vitamins, Dr. Salerno’s products are well researched, independently laboratory tested, and individually selected for their purity.