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Vitamin Supplements Aid in Weight Loss

Weight Loss and VitaminsEating organic, low-carbohydrate foods is extremely essential for eliminating excessive weight.   However, even when using a safe weight loss diet system, the human body may not be obtaining adequate amounts of nutrition required to shed the extra pounds.  This is why high quality nutritional supplements are recommended to support the body on a journey to health and well-being.

Fruits and vegetables nowadays fail to supply the amount of nutrients as in previous years.  As a result, eating veggies and fruits, even organic produce, might not supply the sufficient amount of nutrients required to reduce weight.  Much of the soil in which crops are grown is depleted of vital nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, selenium, chromium and riboflavin to name a few.  Crops are produced in bulk, and bacterial genes are being used for increasing growth and resistance to pests. Every one of these components leads to fruits and veggies providing smaller quantities of much needed nutrients.  Using vitamin supplements to bridge the nutritional gap is an easy way to support the body both while you are losing weight and after you’ve reached your weight loss goal.

Many people believe that much of the nutrients in vitamins are not absorbed by the body, but simply passed through and wasted.  Not all vitamins are created equal.  For nutritional supplements to be highly effective they must be of high quality. Various studies show that the labeling information on supplements is often unreliable, containing only a fraction of the claimed amount. Many suppliers also provide low quality ingredients, which not only exert an insufficient therapeutic effect, but can also be rancid or contaminated by heavy metals and pesticides.  It is important to select high quality products that have been well researched, and independently tested for their purity.

Getting rid of excessive fat is much easier when your body obtains optimal amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  It is important to remember, however, that you cannot rely on nutritional supplements alone to eliminate extra pounds.  You must follow a healthy diet filled with real, unprocessed, low-carbohydrate foods.

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