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Voting with Your Fork – Weight loss

Last week, I went to see the new documentary, Food, Inc. I can’t get over the impressions I got from that movie.

One, industrial farming may sicken consumers who eat the foods that are produced in this monoculture agriculture model.

Food, Inc.
But we have a lot of power in the market place, and if we all just vote for organic foods – yes they’re even available at Walmart and enlightened grocery store chains (in my hometown I can get all the organic produce I want at Stop and Shop).

Organic milk and eggs are everywhere. Organic fish, well any wild-caught fish is – by definition – organic. Not that the fish might not have been contaminated by mercury, et al from the waters (avoid tuna and swordfish except once in a while).

We can choose cold-pressed oils easily: extra virgin olive oil, cold-pressed nut oils, coconut oil. These are infinitely healthier than industrial oils like Wesson, or any cottonseed or soy oil.

And speaking of soy, just don’t swallow the marketer’s story Food, Inc.that soy milk is better for you than cow’s milk. It just ain’t so. Soy vitamins and minerals are not bioavailable. In baby formulae, little helpless children have sickened and died when fed soy formula exclusively.

The old ways really are the best. Shop at farmer’s markets. Find a source for grass-fed beef. Be mindful of what you eat, every day. Your life depends on it.

Linda West Eckhardt