Water, Water Everywhere And Some Of It’s To Drink

Water Purification Systems

With all the confusion about sources for drinking water, it is no wonder that people are puzzled.  Should you drink tap water?  Are you better off with bottled water?  But what about those mountains of floating plastic bottles in the oceans?  Some as large as Rhode Island.  What’s the best way to get clean drinking water?

Couple weeks ago, I learned of a new system that’s easy,  affordable, and provides water cold, hot enough for tea,  or at room temperature.  It costs around a hundred bucks, is available readily from coast to coast, and it’s a gravity system that’s relatively easy to put together.

Cuisinart has taken the principle of the Brita water filter,  that is a gravity fed system that takes tap water, runs it through a filter, and ends up with pure, clean water.  Except Cuisinart has plugged it in and now you can have hot and cold running pure water.  I love this thing.  Of course, I love all small electrics, so maybe I don’t count.Water Purification Systems

What can I tell you about the Cuisinart Water Purifier?  When you put it together, run a couple gallons of water through it first to get the tinny taste out of the water.  Don’t be alarmed by the small fan motor you hear from time to time.  That’s what the machine does to keep the water to the perfect temp.  If you’re trying to save money or are using the Cuisinart in an office, (what a good idea),  you can turn it off at night.  The water comes back to the correct temperature quickly.

As for me,  I’ve put away the tea kettle.  I can have a cup of hot or cold tea in a MOMENT now.  I love that.  And I’m feeling secure knowing the water has no known impurities or heavy metals.

Plus the cost of operation is fractions of what it costs to buy bottled water.  And think of the landfills you’ve saved.

CleanWater® 1.5-Gallon Countertop Filtration System