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Wednesday: The Unhappiest Day of the Week. You can fix that…

The Unhappiest Day of the WeekNew surveys show that its not actually Monday that’s the unhappiest day of the week,  but poor old Wednesday, stuck there in the middle, with no end to the work in sight, and no peace, and no progress. What can you do? If you feel like Wednesday’s child, certainly filled with woe, think how you can fix that.

Sex, drugs, rock and roll. All these are known to raise endorphins, but so is drinking water or exercise.  Now we’re not talking about a gentle stroll, but exercise that really gets your heart pumping. Here’s what one of our patient’s reported:

“I remember in school we used to run 1.5 miles every Thursday, and I was one of the top runners even though I’m generally pretty large and slow. But I would try really hard to stay in front and run the whole way without stopping (for real runners 1.5 miles is a joke), just staying consistent while some people tried to sprint and stop, sprint and stop. And then at the last 100 meters I’d just sprint like hell running faster than anyone else had sprinted.

“One time at this last 100 meter runway, there was only one person in front of me, in front of me by 6 or 7 seconds and it was a sure win for him. But I sprinted (ran on my toes) really fast and you’d never imagine what happened. Those 100 or 150 meters or so I just completely disconnected from my body. It was like a giant adrenaline rush/endorphin hit combined. I could see my legs moving but I didn’t even feel them, I should remind you that I was still “winded” from being out of breath running but I didn’t feel that either. It felt like a massive endorphin release. I couldn’t feel anything. It was only for about like 10 seconds until my sprint beat the guy in front of me and I came in first, 9 minutes flat. Best day of my life.”

You may not have the opportunity to run like a high school track star, but you could sprint up and down the stairs in your house or office until you are totally gasping for air, until your heart feels like it pound out of your chest. That will cheer you up.

Or, you could just fall in love. That will do it too.

Make feeling great your drug of choice. It will last longer than any sugar high you ever had and will keep you going.