Ask Dr. Salerno

What I learned from Dr. Salerno

My life has changed so much since I met Dr. Salerno 2 years ago.  Yes,  I lost 35 pounds.  Yes my blood chemistry improved and took me off the pre-diabetic list.  Yes my “real age” dropped about 10 years.  But most basic,  is that Dr. Salerno taught me to think for myself.  He taught me to question all those ads you see on television for the latest and greatest industrial food and  big pharma solution to life’s problems.

Knowing Dr. S,  I began to see the draconian connection between industrial farming and big pharma.  First they wreck the soil, grow huge monoculture crops from genetically modified seed, then they crank out prescription drugs to take care for the inevitable illnesses that occur for people who don’t get the connection.


You know you’re supposed to read labels, but when so many of the labels you read have been jiggered by the industrial food giants who have rigged the game and created unhealthy overly processed foods.  Those ads for cold cereals come to mind.  How many of the companies recommend their version of cold cereal as the latest and greatest health food.  They promise that if you eat their brand, you will live longer, be healthier and lose weight.

I learned from Dr. Salerno to question this.  Just what’s in that cereal?  Although some claim to be made with whole grains and healthy vitamin supplements,  the blunt truth is these products are just some awful laboratory experiment.  As Dr. says,  if you want man’s perfect food for your breakfast,  skip the cereals all together and eat two eggs.  Eezy peezy.

That kind of skepticism is what I’ve come to expect from Doc.  He has shown me why processed foods with their chemical laced ingredients make me fat, cranky, and depressed.  Its so I’ll run to the pharmacist and pick up my prescription for some mood elevating drug.

As Dr. Salerno says,  wouldn’t it be easier just to eat whole, organic foods, free from chemicals, preservatives, or other excitotoxins that keep me over eating,  make me feel awful, and make my blood sugar go through the roof?  For my new year’s resolution,  I’m going back on Dr. Salerno’s Fat Fast.  A two week program that will give my body a rest from the awful stuff I’ve done to myself over the holidays.

Because, as Doc says,  the body has amazing curative powers.  Just give it half a chance.  And your body will heal itself.  Yahoo. and Happy New Year to you too.