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What Makes The Silver Cloud Diet Sustainable?

Sustainable Diet Success

What Makes The Silver Cloud Diet Sustainable?

And how is it different from other low carb diets? Isn’t it just Atkins all over again?

These questions come to my office often. Some people like the idea that it’s Atkins, others not so much. So what is the deal, anyway?

I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to the late, great Dr. Robert Atkins who was my boss, my mentor and my friend. I worked in his office as a young doc and saw with my own eyes the value of the protocols he developed – first to help people with heart disease, then, almost as if by accident, it turned out that these protocols helped people lose weight.

What did Atkins really say? He believed that a low carb diet could help treat heart disease, and help people lose weight. He was right.

But things have changed since I started out in his office. I’m talking about the food supply.

In the last twenty years, the food supply in the United State has degraded. And as the food supply has gotten worse, the obesity and other lifestyle ailments, including diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer, have gotten much, much worse.

It’s as if our very environment has become poisoned. The food, the water, the air.

In order to save our own lives and the planet, we must adopt sustainable practices at the table.  This means understanding that our health depends on sustainable agriculture products, and public policy that supports health.

Last summer we went to D.C. to testify before the U.S.D.A. about the upcoming Food Pyramid.  We said there what we believe, that industry has corrupted the process and made recommendations to Americans that do not support health.

Now, we are encouraged to note that a significant body of scientists have signed on to form a committee agreeing with our position, that Americans must be provided with a safer, more nourishing food supply. Our very lives depend on it.

There are so many issues that can interfere with our health and well being.

This fact was brought home to me, up close and personal, when I volunteered at ground zero after 911. I began treating people who had volunteered to help in the dreadful task of picking through the rubble, hunting for survivors after the attack.

Some of those hapless souls have become my patients. And I have cared for them ever since.

So what can the ordinary person do to protect himself? Eat organic produce. Choose wild caught fish, and grass fed beef. Drink filtered water (and not from a plastic bottle).  Purify the air in your home if you live in a polluted area.

These precautions will help to normalize your weight, improve your health, and make for a long and glorious middle age.

If Dr. Atkins were alive today, he would know, even more, the huge task we have ahead of us, to improve the health of Americans.

We must exercise our true power in the market place. Reject GMO foods, industrial farming, and confined animal feeding operations.

We will get what we demand in the market and we can provide a healthier dinner table for ourselves and our children just by being aware of what we put into our mouths.

Yours in good health,

Dr. John Salerno