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What’s the Best Packaged Breakfast Food?

What's the Best Packaged Breakfast Food?

A query came across my desk this morning, asking for tips on buying the best packaged breakfast food.  What products could I recommend.

The answer is simplicity itself.  A hard boiled organic egg.  Comes in its own wrapper.  Can be eaten on the run.  60 calories, nutrient dense, and easy to do.

Now there are some caveats about boiled eggs.  If you ever boiled eggs and noticed a green ring between the yolk and the white?  That’s because you had the temperature too high and boiled them too long and hard.

The best way to cook eggs is to put a dozen in a large pan, cover with cold water,  set the timer to 9 minutes, and bring them to a fast boil over high heat.  Turn the heat off after 9 minutes and let them stand. Remove to a bowl and store in the refrigerator.

Then you have eggs for whatever you need.  A couple for breakfast, hot or cold.  The basis for fantastic Devilled eggs.  Egg salad.  You name it.  The egg, packaged in its own shell,  is an almost perfect food.

The egg is good for the Silver Cloud Dieter and every body else.  We have lots of recipes for eggs in our e- book,  The Silver Cloud Diet.

As for all those processed foods in packages posing as instant breakfast foods?  Nothing more than junk food in a fancy dress.